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Roofers in Maryland


Roofing Option in Maryland

There are a handful of option to choose from when trying to get started on fixing your roof. Not all residential or commercial roofs are standard roofs. You should always seek professional help when starting a project of this size. You do not want to complete a, do it yourself, roof just to realize it looks good and you saved money, however, have it leak.


Asphalt Shingle Roof


These are the most popular of residential roofs. These roofs are economical and protect your home for years. They have been around since the early nineteen hundreds. Throughout time the materials used to create them has changed in order to stay functional, but keep the cost down.


Metal Roof


A metal roof is more popular in commercial buildings. A residential home can have this type of roof. They commonly do not because they are more expensive. You will see them because their ability to keep up longer with mother nature.


EPDM Flat Roof


You probably never heard of an EPMD flat roof unless you have a camper. These roofs are usually only found on motor homes. They are light in weight. They are commonly applied by rolling over plywood and painted over to get that strong waterproof cover.


Cedar Shakes


These shingles are decorative. They will protect your house from severe weather conditions. However, like most wood products when the protective coating is compromised, it cannot withstand deterioration from rain. Rain water can cause mold and rot in wood products. However, the choice in wood and manufacturing process will prevent this for years.


As a Maryland resident, you know exactly what the weather conditions are in your neighborhood. Maryland roofer and business owners will help you every step of the way to get you the roof you want at the price you can handle.


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